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Simple & Spicy Black Bean Dip

Summer is such a social time, isn't it? I tend to feel like I'm bouncing between barbecues, beaches, picnics and patios (oh, and working too)! Add the heat and humidity an Island summer brings and you have yourself a recipe for take-out. It can be so challenging to find time to prepare healthy meals or snacks at home during the chaotic (but incredible) summer season.

Today is no exception. Temperatures are expected to reach 34 degrees Celsius with the humidity (a real corker of a day) and we have friends coming over this evening for a visit. Our house is not blessed with air conditioning and as a result, the thought of turning my oven or stove on practically has me sprinting towards the beach. In the name of good planning, I woke up early to get a start on prepping some homemade treats for our guests to enjoy later. This saves me from doing an expensive grocery store run later and also from heating my kitchen in the peak heat of the day (win-win!)

This recipe could also easily be cooked on a cast iron skillet straight on the BBQ, if you feel so inclined.

Serve warm or cold with cut vegetables, nacho chips or crackers or use as a base for a filling burrito or a fancy layered dip.

If you're feeling extra ambitious, make up a batch of your own fajita seasoning. It will keep fresh and flavourful for up to 6 months stored in an airtight jar.


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