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Spicy Caesar Mussels

The idea for this recipe came to me while on my in-law’s fishing boat this summer. With a spicy Caesar in one hand and a steamed Island mussel in the other I thought, “Why dip in butter when you could dip in a deliciously spicy Caesar?” This concept immediately caught on with everyone on board and the Spicy Caesar Mussel was born!

The next day, my Dad dropped by with 10 lbs of mussels in tow (how lucky am I?) and we decided to take this concept to the next level – steam the mussels in a spicy Caesar broth. I added all the Caesar fixings to the bottom of the pot, added the mussels and patiently waited until we could try this delicious creation. When it finished cooking, we dove right in and were amazed at the flavour combination. The mussels were perfectly flavoured by the rich tomato broth and had a delicious spicy kick.

Impress your family and friends at your next summertime event with these deliciously simple PEI mussels!


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