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Fall into Comfort Food

Happy first day of autumn! Bring on the sweaters, blankets, scarves and slippers - I’m ready! After being spoiled by an amazing Island summer, I welcome the change of seasons (and the slower pace).

Cooking in the summer usually features quick meals with light flavours and the only heat comes from the BBQ or a campfire (I wouldn’t dare turn on my oven in August!). With a slight chill in the air and an abundance of vegetables from our garden harvest, I’m anxious to heat things up in my kitchen again! I’ve already planned some big batches of chili for the freezer to use up the smorgasbord of tomatoes, peppers and jalapenos grown in our garden this summer.

The inspiration for my first fall meal came to me after a visit to the vegetable garden last week. Peppered throughout the green vines were the most perfect butternut squash, ripened by the sun and nourished by the red Island soil. I waited ever so patiently all summer to use them in all kinds of cozy and comforting dishes (think: soups, stews, chili, casseroles…). Today the squash will be paired with curry paste and transformed into a creamy and comforting soup.

When making soup, it’s important to layer in as much flavour as possible to reduce the amount of salt added. I like to roast my squash and onions before adding them to the pot; this brings out a gorgeous depth of flavour that no amount of salt could achieve.

This soup freezes beautifully, so why not make a double or triple batch to have for a rainy (or busy) day?

Happy fall cooking!


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