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Homemade Smoothie Pops

I have a quick, cool-down treat for you today, and one that is both parent and kid approved - Homemade Smoothie Pops! We've featured smoothies on the blog before (Mint Chocolate Smoothie); I like them because they're easy, versatile and most of all because they taste so darn good! I'm not one to fuss with a smoothie recipe because as long as there is a solid amount of fruit in the mix, it will no doubt taste delicious.

I picked up a frozen pop mould for .98 cents at a local grocery store (summer sales are amazing for this) with the intention of making a more traditional frozen treat made with 100% juice, however with my smoothie blend all ready to go, and the frozen pop mould still sitting on the counter, it was a no-brainer...I poured out two servings for my daughter and myself to enjoy as a yummy drink right away, and the rest I poured into the mould for a frozen treat we could both enjoy later that day.

This recipe is easy-peasy. I used what we had in the fridge at the time; you'll likely notice there is no yogurt used in this recipe (a common smoothie ingredient) and this was only because I didn't have any on hand - that's the wonderful thing about smoothies, use what you have, and make them you own!

I prefer a smoothie that's not too sweet, so the addition of orange juice worked well. If you prefer a sweeter taste, try a 100% berry juice blend, a tablespoon of honey or a flavoured yogurt to sweeten the mix. I added hemp seed from my fridge, which adds a nutrition punch! A tablespoon of added chia seed, flax seed/meal or hemp seed is always a good idea if you keep them in stock, and a simple way to add some nutrition to a delicious smoothie snack.

I had 1/4 cup of strawberries leftover in my fridge that were just on the fringe of being over-ripened, so into the blender they went as well. If you happen to have fruit on hand that is one step away from the compost, dice it up and fire them in your freezer in a dated freezer bag, for an easy addition to your next smoothie (or smoothie pop!). This recipe is the perfect cold treat on a hot summer day.

Happy eating!

- Jenneca


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