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Mint Chocolate Smoothie

We have some mint growing in our back yard, just one small part of an herb garden that we use daily during the summers months to add flavour and freshness to meals. There’s something so satisfying having the ability to gather fresh herbs from you own backyard, turning a standard dish into something worth talking about.

We are big smoothie drinkers in my household, for many many reasons. A good smoothie is easy, tasty, nutritious, and most importantly in my world right now, kid-friendly! I’m fairly certain I’ve tried almost every combination of fruit at this point (if that’s even possible!). One thing I have never tried is the addition of herbs - like basil, lavender or mint - to the mix.

I created this smoothie recipe in an attempt to capture the flavour of mint chocolate chip ice cream which is a personal favourite of mine. After a few recipe tests, I’m happy with the result; a refreshing drink that combines the delicious flavours of mint, chocolate, and strawberries, that’s not too sweet.

If you’re looking to feel refreshed on a hot summer day, this is an easy recipe to whip together. Enjoy the minty-goodness!

Happy sipping :)


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