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To Lentils, With Love

If you’re new to the world of lentils, this is definitely the post for you. Lentils can be used in a wide variety of dishes and are packed in protein and fibre (which helps to keep us feeling fuller, longer). Some use lentils to fully replace meat in dishes, while others like to simply “stretch” costly meat in a recipe (think ½ ground beef and ½ lentils in a spaghetti sauce).

Lentils are an important staple in Lebanese cooking and I grew up eating them, a lot. My grandmother’s cupboard always had lentils at the ready, just in case someone dropped in and she needed to feed them. Lentils have remained a regular staple in my household for many reasons; they are cost effective, shelf stable, and are oh so easy to prepare. With all that said, the most important consideration is that I just really enjoy cooking with (and eating) them.

I’m happy to share with you my favourite go-to meal featuring lentils. This recipe is our perfect solution to the “come home from work with no dinner planned” hustle. Most of the ingredients can either be found in our freezer (shredded cheese & tortillas) or in our pantry (canned lentils, unopened salsa). As for the veggies, add whatever you have on hand that you think might work. It’s fun to experiment in the kitchen, be brave! It’s so important to have at least one quick go-to meal on hand for times like this.

- Tracy :)

Beware: this recipe has turned life-long carnivores into lovers of lentils, it could happen to you!

Meal prep tip: Freeze shredded cheese to have on hand at all times, you’ll be glad you did (hello fewer dishes!)

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