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Coconut Curry Ramen Bowls

On a recent trip with friends, I was introduced to the adult version of ramen at an amazing restaurant in the city. When we landed home, I immediately went online to find a recipe that could help guide my very own ramen bowls. I was hit with post after post of ramen recipes; I guess I’m quite late to the game! I think the last time I had a bowl of ramen was the infamous packaged variety when I was in university - such a stereotypical story, isn’t it?

I looked at a couple of different recipes to find inspiration and then took to my kitchen to create my very own version. I knew I wanted grown up flavour and bold spice. I started with vegetables in my fridge that were due to be used up, and then added flavours to compliment!

The ramen I ate in the restaurant had cabbage in it, and I really liked the sweet crunch it added. I didn’t have cabbage at home, but I did have a partial bag of coleslaw mix in the crisper. I love using shortcuts like this; coleslaw mix is simply washed and shredded cabbage and carrots, perfect for this dish!

Get fancy with your ramen bowls! I ended up garnishing ours with a triangle of nori (seaweed wrap) like they did in the restaurant. We had a leftover package of nori from the last time we made sushi, I’m happy to have found another use for it!

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